Baby Bath

A baby’s skin is very delicate and soft, and for this reason, it has to be handled with extreme gentleness. It is very important to use the kind of baby bath products that will not irritate or harm the baby’s skin. There is a large variety of Babo Botanicals available on our Living Life Natural Website. This includes the Babo Botanicals Baby Shampoo And Wash, which is a sulfate-free and moisturizing baby bath product made with natural, soothing ingredients. When it comes to baby shampoo, or kids shampoo, one should look for a product that does not have any irritating or drying ingredients. The same goes for when one is looking into buying a baby bubble bath. A baby’s skin is very sensitive, so their skin can easily get irritated and inflamed when exposed to harsh ingredients. Newborn bath products are specially formulated to be gentle on babies. They gently cleanse the skin, removing dirt and impurities without over-drying the skin. Sometimes, fragrance can be very irritating to the skin. Therefore it is better to go with products that have no fragrance in them, like the Dr. Woods Bar Soap Baby Mild Unscented.

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