Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Jar Money – 11 Oz

Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Jar Money brings you prosperity in your life and boosts your moral values. This Chakra Candle Jar also enables your mind to experience wonderful feelings of freedom, joy, harmony, and closeness to God. These candles make us be attentive and help us when we still do not know which way to go.

Aloha Bay Candles are made from 100% organic products without the use of artificial ingredients. Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Jar Money candles are made from the extracts of Cassia, Clove, and Nutmeg and they can burn up to 100 hours straight. As you are interested in candles, you might also take a look at our other naturally made candles by clicking here.

The main symbol of the Muladhara Chakra is an elephant with seven trunks. Generally, the elephant is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity. So it can be said, the elephant symbolizes the treasure house of wisdom that is hidden in the chakra. The seven trunks represent the seven basic minerals or the seven levels of consciousness. Dreaming of a white elephant is also considered a lucky omen.

Chakra Candle Jar Money offers invaluable assistance by helping us to clarify what is required in our life and how to achieve it. But you might ask, do chakra candles work? Well, we recommend you to try them yourself and see if they work. And do you know what’s the best place for buying chakra candles? Yes, that’s right, living life natural!

Whether you are in your home or outside, you should be careful while handling candles. Never place them near inflammable objects and keep them away from the reach of children. Other precautions must be taken as well.

Fill your life with harmony and prosperity with Chakra Candle Jar Money and unleash your true self.