Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Jar Protection – 11 Oz

Introduce yourself with the magical effects created by our special Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Jar Protection. Our very own Aloha Bay candles are ideal for your home, kitchen, and home spas. The jar is filled with what we call the “essence of life”. The candles induce surprising features that are known to revamp your overall living structure. The downsides of our lives are tantamount to dissatisfaction that we are internally filled with. Let our Chakra Candle Jar take care of your worries and bless you with the sense of protection from negative factors that may harm your productivity. The most important features of our Aloha Bay Chakra Candles are discussed below.

  • Natural and Organic Ingredients Of Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Jar Protection

We have a simple mantra of customer care and satisfaction at Living Life Natural.  We always provide natural and organic products to our customers. Our Chakra candles that are meant for protection are carefully made with the natural extracts of three special essential oils. These oils include Bergamot, Lime, and Grapefruit. The citrus extracts of Bergamot and its calculated amalgamation with Lime and Grapefruit are secret to our candles’ success. This ideal combination of these extracts is responsible for bringing you this amazing candle jar that is all set to keep you protected from everything that is harmful to the positive aspects of your personality.

  • The Shield of Protection

Don’t let the harmful outcomes of failures, stress, and disappointments lose your confidence. Fight back with the power of positivity that is augmented by our candle filled up in a glass jar. Say no to the daunting medications and pills that create temporary effects. Let our candles create a natural shield of protection around you to push away all the negativities to keep you optimistic, enthusiastic, and energetic towards the goals of your life.

More Reasons to Buy Aloha Bay Chakra Candle Jar Protection

  • Brings harmony to your life.
  • Ideal for meditation and Yoga.
  • No harmful effects.
  • Excellently packed in a glass jar with a lid.
  • Environmentally safe product

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Do Chakra Candles Work?

Yes. Chakra candles would have been obsolete or meaningless if they didn’t work. Just like you use medicines to treat our physical illnesses, Chakra Candles work in their mysterious ways to treat our soul. It is the amount and nature of essential oil extracts used in manufacturing Chakra Candles that matter the most.

Additional Specifications

  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Size: 11 OZ
  • Pack of: 1