Chakra Jar Blue Candle Aloha Bay – 17 Oz

Aloha Bay Chakra Jar Blue Candle is filled with goodness and helps you to speak clearly and truthfully with compassion and kindness. The candle stimulates your Visuddha or throat chakra and unleashes positive energy throughout your body. The chakra also controls your communication skills which include both speaking and listening.

Aloha Bay Candles are always manufactured from 100% organic and biodegradable matter without the addition of any paraffin, wax, or other chemicals. Chakra Candle Jar is also recyclable making everything completely environment friendly. Chakra Candles are awesome to balance your feelings and we also recommend you to try our other chakra candles.

Chakra Jar Blue Candle is associated with the Visuddha chakra which is located at the center of the neck, at the level of the throat. But how to get positive energy. Well, the chakra is considered as the passage for energy flow from the lower body to the head. The throat chakra is most of the time represented with the color blue and the symbol of the chakra is a sixteen petalled lotus with a symbol in the center.

The jar candles stimulate your mind to express yourself clearly and help you connect to your spirit. An imbalance in the chakra can be corrected with the help of our best-made candles. Living life natural also gives you the opportunity to buy them online without having to face any inconveniences.

Chakra Jar Blue Candle is totally safe for human use but you should be careful while handling them. Never place them near fire or inflammable objects. Don’t let children roam near lighted candles. You should also keep them on a stable surface.

Enjoy true peace and express yourself clearly and truly to the world with Aloha bay candles. Try them out today!