Chakra Pillar Candle Protection – Aloha Bay Yellow – 1 Candle

Do the feelings of loneliness, stress, and anxiety make you feel unsafe and unprotected? How about treating your insecurities with a magical candle? Introduce yourself with our exclusive yellow pillar candle that has a special feature of giving you confidence. The most important features of our Chakra Pillar Candle Protection are mentioned below.

  • Induces Protective Senses With Chakra Pillar Candle Protection

Treat yourself with pure and natural methods. The feelings of being insecure are widely common these days due to many reasons. Living Life Natural is there to cover you up. It’s time to say a big NO to antidepressants and daunting prescriptions. Let our candles do what they do best. Allow them to give your soul a refreshing treat. You will get a feeling of relaxation and ultimate protection by lighting up these candles in your living environment.

  • Long-lasting Effects Of Chakra Pillar Candle Protection

The magical effects imparted by these candles do not just come and disappear in a jiffy. The burning time of these candles is quite long per se. In addition to that, the overall effect created by these candles stays there for long times even after the candles have fully burnt. Thanks to the carefully chosen essential oils, you will continue to be under natural treatment even hours after the candles are burnt.

  • Removes Negative Feelings

We are engulfed with tremendous negative energies all the time. Being obviously invisible, these negative energies keep harming our souls in the long run. That is where Living Life Natural comes forward to keep you protected and safe. We have induced natural factors in these candles that drive away from the negative influences from your surroundings to boost the protective circle of positivity around you.

  • Made with Purity

This pillar candle protection has been built with 100% pure and organic ingredients including Bergamot, Lime, and Grapefruit. Naturally extracted Eco Palm Wax further puts a stamp of purity on these candles along with environment protection boosting greenery and forestation in the globe.

  • Great Gift for your Loved Ones

Do you have anyone in your circle who needs a sense of protection and care in their lifestyle? This Chakra Pillar Candle Protection will be an ideal gift from you to that person showing that you really care about your loved ones.

More Reasons to Buy Chakra Pillar Candle Protection

  • Extended burning times
  • Boosts positive thinking
  • Therapeutic features
  • Refines personality
  • Proven performance with Aloha Bay
  • Environment-friendly extracts
  • Long burning time


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Additional Features:

  • Country of origin: Indonesia
  • Size: 8 IN
  • Pack of: 1
  • Product Selling Unit: each