Unscented Chakra Jar candle – Aloha Bay Abundance Indigo

Made with goodness, Unscented Chakra Jar Candle enlightens your mind and helps you to understand the meaning of things. This chakra candle is ideal for you if you aren’t completely aware of what’s happening in your life. Your sense of justice and ethics can also be improved while meditating with this candle.

Aloha Bay candles are fully organic and not any kind of artificial chemical is used in it. The candles are made from the extracts of plants and herbs. The Chakra Candle Jar is made with recyclable materials ensuring that its environment is friendly. Unscented Chakra Jar Candle Abundance Indigo is a great way to replenish your mind and you might also like our naturally made incense sticks. Check them out by clicking here.

The third eye chakra or Ajna chakra is located in the brain above the base of the nose. The chakra looks like an indigo colored five-pointed star and the lotus contains two petals. It is believed when the Ajna chakra is balanced, both hemispheres of the brain function in synchronization. The right hemisphere’s creativity is integrated and balanced with the left hemisphere’s logical and analytical thinking.

Aloha Bay candles make us feel delighted and allow us to cut through illusion to access deeper truths. But, where can you buy these awesome candles? Don’t worry, living life naturally brings them to you at your doorstep without any inconveniences.

Unscented Chakra Jar Candle is completely safe for human usage but you should always be cautious while handling them. Always store them in a cool place away from fire or inflammable objects. Never keep lighted candles unattended and don’t let children roam near them.

Open your third eye and realize the meaning of your life through our wonderful candles.