Anahata Chakra Candle Jar Healing – Aloha Bay Unscented Green

Anahata Chakra Candle Jar Healing arouses positive feelings in your mind and helps you to make proper decisions in life. Anahata Chakra is associated with love and compassion, charity yo others and psychic healing. Meditating on this chakra is said to improve your mood and boost love feelings for your near ones.

Aloha Bay candles are made from Eco Palm Wax which has therapeutic properties and lacks synthetic petrochemical additives. The chakra candle is also infused with lavender, orange, and tangerine essential oils. If you are looking for other candles for chakra healing then you might also want to try out our Jar candles.

For many centuries, Anahata healing has been popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. Anahata Chakra  Healing was the first manufactured candle by Aloha Bay and later on other manufacturing companies also started production. In yoga practices, Anahata Chakra is balanced by asanas and pranayamas.

Chakra Candle Jar is a great way to connect with your true self and it is very good for controlling your emotions. And the best thing is that living life naturally gives you the super-duper opportunity to buy online Chakra candles without any hustle and bustle.

Safety is very important when it comes to handling candles. You should never keep candles near inflammable objects and you should always keep them away from children and from pets. You should always place them on a level surface.

Anahata Chakra Candle Jar Healing is the center of compassion and love. It is clinically proven to bring happiness in your mind and arouse love and sexual desires. But, do chakra candles work? Try them out yourself to understand their true essence.