Votive Candle Lavender Aloha Bay Eco Palm – Case Of 12- 2 Oz

Votive Candle Lavender Aloha Bay relaxes your mind and helps to bring sweet and sound to your sleep. Lavender candles also decrease agitation, anger, restlessness, and aggression by interacting with neurotransmitters. You can also use them as a pretty decorative item for your house.

Aloha Bay candles are made from only natural and organic products without the addition of any harmful chemicals. We don’t use artificial beeswax and these candles are made from palm wax. If you love votive candles, you might also like our naturally made incense cones. We know that your relaxation method will surely vary from season to season. That’s why we add different flavors for different seasons like Christmas Incense Cones for winter, Jasmine Incense Cones for summer, etc.

Lavender is a really popular guy in the flower world and that’s why it has found its places in many therapeutic sessions. Lavender’s potential benefits as a medicinal herb go beyond what many people know. It is used to cure insomnia, relieve anxiety, stress, and other nervous disorders. It can also be used as a naturally occurring pain killer.

Votive Candle Lavender is a great item for refreshing and relaxing your mind. So, where to buy votive candles? No worries, living life natural website allows you to buy candles at affordable rates and through online.

We always take precautions for the safety of our customers. We make our Lavender candles, especially so that they don’t generate too much smoke which is bad for your lungs. But it is still recommended that you shouldn’t keep them unattended and must place them away from inflammable objects. Don’t let children and pet animals roam around them.

Enjoy a wonderful day and bring harmony into your mind with Votive Candle Lavender Aloha Bay. Try them out yourself!