Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes – 50 Count

Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes are manufactured using natural ingredients such as essential oils of linden, apricot, and chamomile.  It is perfect for the baby’s sensitive skin, causing no rash.  The formula used in these wipes is free from all sorts of detergents and harsh chemicals to ensure the safety of your baby’s delicate skin.


  • These soft wipes are perfect for wiping babies
  • Specially made for the sensitive skin of babies
  • Free from detergents
  • Suitable for vegans


Use the wipes when necessary avoiding contact with the eyes.   


Essential oils of linden, apricot, chamomile, and plant extracts.


If this product causes any form of irritation, discontinue its use immediately and consult a physician. It should be stored in a hygienic, cool and dry place. This product is for external use only and is not meant to be swallowed.


FDA has not evaluated these statements. This product is not meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

Natracare award-winning organic cotton baby wipes